The Man in the Mirror

The Man in the Mirror

By David Smith April 20, 2018


The reflection in the mirror through the door I can see

An old man with glasses; Scares the hell out of me

Identification card, clasped to his collar, with ease

Time hits him hard, like a cold fast breeze

Think of the reflection, not a kid any more

Mature and gray, and his duty a chore

His youth it is gone, and memory a dream

An old man, where his childhood had been


The ruggedness of his face, His glasses for sight

The strength in his body, At one time had might

He sits in his chair and takes in each breath

And thinks of his youth, as he’s closer to death

An old man, who has fallen in love

Picks up the pieces, with an optimistic shove

Raised a kid, now a family, and grandchildren take part

A symphony sonnet as emotional as a harp


Think of his life, from the 50’s, no doubt

Into the Twenty-first Century as time turns about

Manual typewriters, to the computer age

Standard transmission to automatic

As technology sets the stage

TVs to lap tops, and dial phones to cell

The change is phenomenal, his time line can tell

Think of his youth, how quickly it’s gone

The love of his ancestors, how his grandparents had shone


The reflection in the mirror, his grandchildren can see

He’s living his life, his experiences that be

Seeing his grandchildren, life travels on

And his generation, may soon be gone

Identification card, clasped to his collar, with ease

Time hits him hard, like a cold fast breeze

Look at reflection, and what we can see

The man in the mirror, what our purpose will be


Thoughts from a Typewrter

Thoughts from a Typewriter

Originally typed on an Underwood Rhythm Touch 1948 model

By David Smith April 14, 2018


My pride and joy to type away

And listen to the tapping while I play

Like loading a fountain pen with bottled ink

And make little tiny circles on a page and think


A taste of our forefathers how they lived

Without cell phones and tablets and time they give

A simpler time would embrace in my hand

With physical exercise and the walking we can


This modernization where the information highway is full

The stress and the strain and nothing physical to pull

More time for anxiety and more time to dread.

With instant messaging communication is dead


To nimble the fingers and love notes with pen

And typing out thoughts in the privacy of a den

Our forefathers had vision with simple machines

And speak with precision of what life truly means


On this information highway, over whelming to digest

And big brother is watching and frustration at best

A simple life with typewriter and paper

Artificial intelligence, a stressful flavour


Behind the typewriter makes me glad

To learn the skill made me mad

All that drill to type about

Posture perfect as my grade nine teacher would shout


It was worth it to learn the skill

To type with speed and accuracy the thrill

Later on from years gone by,

The manual typewriter, that keyboard I spy


The joy of writing; to think while I type

Rules and creativity, to do it right

My pride and joy to type away

And listen to the tapping while I play.

Passion for Vintage Typewriters

Passion for Vintage Typewriters

By David Smith March 25, 2018


Bought a rhythm touch typewriter off the internet today

What a deal, typing, let fingers, skip and play

It is an Underwood from the fifties or late forties no doubt

The workmanship, the quality, what craftsmanship is about


All mechanical parts, how everything crafted in place

Even the marginal stops, solid steel, levers to face

The sound is secure when the slugs are snapped

No vibrating sounds, as words are being tapped


The steel, the workmanship, on the pre war machines

What happened to high-quality as plastic fills in the seams!

Our ancestors new the trade, the solid and the true

It’s a throwaway society, we are heading too


That solid typewriter from days gone by

Can out-last another generation, as time is on the fly

What of my computer, now old and slow

Only been a year or two, new programmes, to get to know


Think of the workmanship, the quality, our forefathers produced

With ruler and compass and protractor on the loose

Yes, that typewriter, I picked up today

Advanced technology, we lose our potential, by the way



The Courthouse in Welland

The Courthouse in Welland

By David Smith January 15, 2018


The Courthouse in Welland fascinates me

Reeks of history and nostalgia to see

The back little hallways with its twists and turns

Stonewalls and concrete from the past we can learn

Pictures of the queen so young and alive

The beauty of History

The foundation to thrive


Modernizing the courthouse the tradition so grand

And in the modern age wifi takes a stand

Modern equipment as it invades the place

Hi tech and computers

A new world that we face

Mixed with the old

The tradition and care

Upgrading a courthouse

As smart phones have flair


Like setting up an umbrella as it’s supported from the ground

At the very top a white box is found

It’s the signal for the wifi for the survey to begin

Walk from room to room as waves that enter in

O to test the signal as information passes through

The modern age of working

Where cyber space is true


And through the courts and chambers

Wifi is on the go

It is common knowledge

As smart phones are in the know

Like setting up an umbrella

A survey it takes shape

The thrill of a technician

Keeps the courthouse functioning great

The Room

The room looks important

Microphones on the table

A console and cups, wires and cable

Documenting interviews

And chairs all around

Whatever is heard

Voices analysed by the sound

Imagine the lawyers and cross examinations too

It is a hearing where stress levels are true


The sworn in statements and adrenaline on high

Fighting for custody, the courage to try

Vulnerability at its peak

Every word is exposed

The flowing of stories as judgement is imposed

The room looks important

Chairs all around

Where lies the truth, how will it be found


The Bench

Sitting in a judges chair

The desk so huge and high

And high above the courtroom,

The power to magnify

Like sitting in a tractor

A tractor trailer set

High above the roadway

The power that we get


To be above the crowd

And on the justice way

Following the yellow line

Rules and regulations of the day

So to see the road as cars that come and go

And to follow the law; the justice that we know

O to keep it true

Eighteen wheels in line

And control the court room

The power that is Devine


Spinning wheels of justice

And sentencing that’s fair

All within parameters

The power that we spare

High above the courtroom and gavel by the hand

Passing out the sentence, judgement took a stand


Public support of breastfeeding

Public support of breastfeeding

By David Smith January 2, 2017


Protect, promote and support breastfeeding

Changing behaviour, what society is needing

The joy of a newborn, and he needs to be fed

A healthy environment where he rests his head

The restaurant is open for the baby to partake

In the privacy of a restaurant so natural and great

This is the stigma society has to climb

The function of motherhood, that inner peace we can find

The restaurant is open for families to dine

Infants are valuable, their comfort is prime

It’s healthy and natural how mothers feed their young

It’s a process of life, breastfeeding has begun

Promote and support breastfeeding by the way

A healthy environment where attitudes can sway

Timeless Classics: Vintage Typewriters

Timeless Classics: Vintage Typewriters

By David Smith December 30, 2017


A modest collection of typewriters on display

My total collection, my passion by the way

That burning desire to study pictures and all

Beautiful typewriters, that keeps me in awe

Reminds me of Marilyn Monroe when I was young

Beautiful glossies as her fame has sung


Studying her moves, like the typewriters I see

The unique composition, that goes beyond me

The classic machine, the keyboard and cover

Sounds and the rhythm, imagination does hover

The smell of the ink, the beat of the slugs

The printed page, imagination hugs


The ting of the bell, an original line

The beauty of Marilyn, a thought that is mine

Classic typewriters, the communication of the age

Thoughts on paper as reality is engaged

What a thrill, a movie star, and typewriters too

Expressing imagination, the passion so true


Vintage typewriters, and composing, the craze

Timeless classics, an eternal age

The eternal beauty of Marilyn Monroe

And vintage typewriters

The passion a glow

A modest collection of typewriters on display

An Icon of history as the past is at play


All in the Password

All in the Password

By David Smith November 9, 2017


She reminds me of a computer, a beautiful machine

Key board and memory and monitor crisp and clean

Knowledge and observations at every turn

The love of my life, I continue to learn

To start a conversation, the password and such

Can’t find the right word for her sensitive touch


It is so sad the great distance between

Just the password, where conversation is keen

To find the right words where communication can fly

And speaking so cautiously, I only can try

The translation out of sequence and parity is off

The sounds that we say, hurt quite a lot


We both mean well, but to hug and to hold

My passionate attempts, appear so sarcastic and cold

The heat and the passion, the fire within

To express it in darkness is where I begin

The extended family so good all around

Between the two of us no password is found