A Can of Coke

A Can of Coke

By David Smith December 11, 2003


A Classic Coke I hold in my hand;

A symbol of capitalism throughout the land.


The marketing engineering;

The glitter and clout;

And the drama of liquid as it fizzes on out.


The zip open can

And distributors in place

It’s more than the pop that is sold by the case.


Coke didn’t just happen to be popular around the sphere;

It’s the whole marketing concept to be grateful here.


Forget about luck with a product to sell;

With marketing engineering we all can do well.


So look at our gifts we can share with our friends;

Exercising our talents, there is no end.


When Coke can make profit selling sugar and caffeine;

Think of Your potential

If you know what I mean.

One response to “A Can of Coke

  1. Perfect, David…..I just loved this one. It tells a lot about each one of us…

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