Inspired by Esam Safi Canadian Fine Artist

Inspired by New Art Technique

By David Smith January 5, 2009

The hour has come

What an artist!

The American Dream;

A new art medium where technique is seen.

Barack Obama, his portrait is grand;

A new technique called FosayfiSand.

Tiny grains like a mosaic does appear;

Symbolizing change we want so dear.

The American flag as it’s painted in sand;

A president elect as he views his land.

Era for change,

The artist pictures it all;

The texture, the flavour;

Keeps a poet in awe.

The vision of change as it comes to light

Vivid memories, new hopes; new dreams to night.


8 responses to “Inspired by Esam Safi Canadian Fine Artist

  1. Besime Kallaba

    Greetings David:

    Thank you for your inspirational poem.

    It would be nice if you had the image included with this poem.

    Would you like me to ask the artist to provide you with the jpeg image entitled “The Hour Has Come” to be included as an image for this Poem?

    Thanks for sharing your gift for all to enjoy.

  2. theparkingpoet

    I would me more than happy if you provide me with jpeg image.
    You are an encouragement to me.

  3. Bonnie Raven

    David…..very good poem as usual

  4. sam stalone

    The best artist in the world is Esam Safi

  5. Ethan Tyelr

    Very Fine arrtistic art painting am very inspired

  6. theparkingpoet

    Thank you Esam Safi – Artist for supplying the image for the poem.
    You are an inspiration.

  7. beautifull poem, i am so moved by such beautiful art work. i looked up his other work and wow! what talent. i wish i could see more.
    keep up the good work and sharing your thoughts.

  8. I loved all pictures of Esam Safi and this new technique looks amazing ..I used this technique as nail polish too! wow it looks very beautiful

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