Interpretation of the Twelve Days of Christmas

Interpretation of the Twelve Days of Christmas

By David Smith January 2, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas to Christ we must look

He is the author and finisher of the Bible, the book

A partridge in a pear tree

Christ the LORD the foundation to see

Symbolizing a hen that changes a life

To keep predators away from the chosen and right

On the second day, books old and new

The Old and New Testament as turtle doves shine through

Three French hens are Faith, Hope and Love

In Second Corinthians those symbols shine from above

Four Calling birds as the Gospel we preach

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for the world to teach

The first five books as five golden rings

Precious truth what a Saviour brings

Six geese a-laying:  six working days

Creation of the world for a Sabbath rest that pays

Seven swans a swimming, a believer can excel

Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, buoyancy quite well

Eight maids a milking; The Beatitudes so grand

Matthew Five, Three to ten, for believers to understand

Nine ladies dancing; the fruit of the Spirit

What joy in Galatians as we add here to it

Ten LORDS a leaping: the Commandments perfect and true

From Exodus the law, Christ’s perfection through

Eleven Pipers piping a pure clear sound

Eleven faithful apostles, the traitor was not around

Twelve drummers drumming: Twelve points in the Apostles Creed

How Christ was on the Cross, His finished work, our need

Humiliation and resurrection to be Lord of Lords

His crown of glory as Twelve Days of Christmas soared

The True-love is the Father who created life in glory

The symbols of Christmas; Christ tells the story



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