A Chore to Read

A Chore to Read

By David Smith January 20, 2009



The gift to read; to read and write

How I fought it, both day and night.


Fought it constantly; did not want to learn

Discipline and humility,

Was a going concern.


To stand at attention; and ache and cry

Afraid to look,

The teacher, in the eye.


Now to read God’s Holy Word

Meditate and grow;

The stories we’ve heard.


It all comes together; as the pages are scanned

To surrender my will;

And learn what we can.


O what skill to learn to read;

Teachers I admire, to motivate in deed.


The agony and pain; to learn a new skill

The change from within,

The greatest thrill.


One response to “A Chore to Read

  1. You said all!

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