A Tree in all its Splendour

A Tree in all its Splendour

By David Smith November 4, 2008


A tree in all its splendour; so rich in colour grand

The height and breadth and cluster; so proudly it can stand


Clothed in shades of red and of yellow too

The tree in all its fullness waiting to strip for you


Ah; to bare its branches; the twigs a barren sight

Waiting for the winter; the snow, the stormy night


So the season closes; as darkness fills the day

The dreary days of winter; new games we have to play


Waiting for the spring, to be clothed in leaves of green

How we spend our winter; to blossom is what I mean


Utilize the down time as the tree a skeleton bare

Thoughts and new ideas in spring to really share.



One response to “A Tree in all its Splendour

  1. theparkingpoet

    The tree is on Dorchester St in Niagara Falls at Orchard Park Public School. What a beautiful sight in the autumn in all its splendor.

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