The Last Thrill on Ice

The last thrill on ice

By David Smith February 9, 2009

The joy of a family to take a grandson for a skate;

To feel young again and think you highly rate.

To picture yourself when you were young and alive;

Skating the Rideau Canal, being youthful and thrive.

Now to take my grandson to the rink;

That edge is missing as I sit back and think.

Muscle tone was lost. Feet, could not control.

Was not long before on a roll.

Twice on the ice like a pancake, I fell.

Once on the back and on my front I could tell.

A broken wrist and tender ribs in pain,

The thrill of skating; a victory I gained.

To show love for grandchildren, to come up with different ways;

Knowing limitations; a victory that pays.

O to be injured, out of love for the kids.

A very special joy to be active and to give.

Participate with children; give it all you can;

What I learned from my injuries; only maturity can understand.

Retired my skates, my youth, with no regret;

The last lap on the ice, the satisfaction I did get.

Marylyn Warker writes her take of the incident described by the Parking Poet.

An Ode to David On Ice

Composed and written by Marylyn Walker

Once upon a time; not so long ago,

This man named David thought he could

Take his grandson skating – what fun they would know

But thirty years gone from being on ice

And not too long ere he found it not nice.

His legs like rubber. So wobble they did

And out from under him they quickly slid

Down he went hard and suddenly found

Himself staring at the stars he did see

Up on his feet twasn’t too bad or so he thought,

When from young Jordon these words he did hear

“Grandpa…Caleb skates better than you!”

Three years of age!… I’ll prove him wrong

So up on his feet once again he did try

Wasn’t too long till he hit the ice on the fly.

His hat from his head that moment did blow

Exposing gray hair…oh what a show!

From onlookers he heard, “Its an old guy that’s down”

His ego now wounded his body so sore

And off to the Emerg to Doctor and gore

Alas poor David as he sat at home,

With a cast and nothing to do

But to drive poor Jerri to her very last nerve

Till at last its to work he must go

A poorly parked car – a ticket or poem, to serve


One response to “The Last Thrill on Ice

  1. Jim, Marta and Julieta


    We read this today and we loved it!!!!

    Julieta said she liked it as well, especially to the reference to the ‘Pancake”

    Take care and see you next week at the Stall!

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