A Tribute to Aunt Janet

A Tribute to Aunt Janet

By David Smith February 14, 2009

Aunt Janet was the glue that held a family in place

She talked of her brothers and Emily and Grace

How things were in Nova Scotia in her Childhood so grand

Then to the present where the Seaway has a stand.

Raised here kids and chatted a storm

Her opinions flew and character was formed

Her love and attention filled more than a room

Now an emptiness where she radiated and bloomed.

She touched the lives of people around.

Being part of the family my acceptance was found

What she gave and received had a vivid mark

Memories about her will forever glow in the dark

She touched all her loved ones in a unique sort of way

Able to tease her and amuse her at play

She knew she was loved. Her home had fill

Children , grandchildren, friends, her greatest thrill.

The next generation is heavily upon us. Make way for the new.

Her maturity and experiences are building blocks we can add too.

Aunt Janet, knowing her, is a priceless gift.

How we use her advice, can be our greatest lift.


One response to “A Tribute to Aunt Janet

  1. Louise - your admirer!!!

    Love all your poems David & especially of your Aunt Janet who was a special lady. Thanks for sharing it at her service. Keep your positive creative juices flowing!

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