Rose City Toastmasters

Rose City Toastmasters

By David Smith January 21, 2005


Rose City Toastmasters, what a night I ’twas;

Ten dynamic people creating quite a buzz.

The president, the chair, the meeting sat so grand;

Two dynamic speeches, develops courage throughout the land.

A guest won best Table Topics as she gave her debut;

And being from Job Find it was all so new.

Our theme was New Beginnings and that is what we saw;

And Ice Breaker of the evening that hit before the thaw.

The table topics of excitement from movies, plays and news;

We used our resources as we gave our personal views.

A speech on opportunity we heard so loud and clear;

Being part of the dynamics we gave our greatest cheer.

So thanks to all of you that fit like teeth so close;

We support each other; you’re the security post.

So look at our strength and how we come across;

Presenting your involvement is never at a loss.

This is the comfort, a comfort zone, to leap;

And don’t be discourage when we fall down off our feet.

Thanks be to Rose City Toastmasters made up of you and me;

Look forward to each meeting, Thursdays there to be.



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