What Colour to Be

What Colour to be

By David Smith Saturday April 13, 2002


What colour do you think it is going to be?

As she rubbed her swollen tummy with enthusiasm and glee

Will it be of the orient with skin so yellow?

Or any African tribe where black is mellow

What colour will it be as she pondered the past

Of the international ships as they lowered their mast

So is the story of the nations around

Sailors love affection when they put foot on the ground

That is what is common for the M&M’s candy

Any race and all colours can be very friendly

“So what colour will it be?”  As she asked at the mall

Of the new M&M colour to the patrons in the hall

One response to “What Colour to Be

  1. Finally I found it , David….and I love this one.
    Reading it makes me think: do they know you wrote a poem about M&M? You should let them know – they might use it in commercials….and you should be paid for it….

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