Summary of Rose City Toastmaster Meeting

Talk Show Host Toastmasters Meeting

March 26, 2009 by David Smith


Just like a snowflake, not two meetings the same.

Everyone takes part for everyone’s gain.

Thursday Night Live we saw it first at hand.

Geo Ann Wallis struck up the band.

A talk show host with enthusiasm and flair.

At Job Gym nothing else can compare.

The meeting was stimulating where we stretch and grow.

Imagination and structure produce a good show.

The joy of Rose City, Toastmasters, at hand

In downtown Welland , at the lectern we stand.


A Reversible Meeting

By David Smith April 2, 2009


A reversible meeting; closing comments on top.

The mood of the meeting; Enthusiasm did rock.

Evaluations before speeches helped direct the path.

The excitement and mood, to avoid conflict and wrath.

Guests in attendance, in reverse we did spin.

On the edge of our comfort zone in everything.

To laugh at ourselves and an encouragement be;

Growth in others; what joy to see.


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