Feel the Fear and do it Anyway

Feel the Fear and do it Anyway

By David Smith Wednesday November 28, 2001


Public Speaking is a fear above all

It is very frightening with the thought of a fall

You can not learn to speak from a book

To develop the skill requires a hook

To get involved with a Toastmasters meeting

To develop the skills and share the greeting

To practice table topics

And sweat like the tropics

Every week to be under the gun

Eventually it turns surprisingly fun

Then to relax and speak to entertain

It never becomes very mundane

There is always excitement as speeches delivered

Even evaluators had been definitely shivered

The adrenaline is flying. It is a wonderful high

People are terrified they would sooner die

So come out to a meeting and explore the thrill

You owe it to yourself. We are never over the hill

When the fear of speaking is worse than death

Toastmasters is where I find happiness


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