Alice in Wonderland Finally makes Sense

Alice in Wonderland finally makes Sense

By David Smith April 22, 2009


Alice in Wonderland, a spectacular play;

The lighting; the sound; a message to say.

Ninety-three kids involved in production;

Think of the staff; the training; the time consumption.


Hard work and dedication to make a memorable show;

Pride and satisfaction as hard work does go.

Wonderland does not make sense;

I’ve heard it more than once.

That is the key; to ponder and pounce.


It may not make sense; but the value to dream;

That was my take; to enrich like whipped cream.

Alice in Wonderland has a purpose in mind.

Imagination so vivid; so let life fall behind.


Without dreams and vision; life has no hope;

To day dream;

To inspire;

Through reflection we can cope.


O what a joy as Alice in Wonderland makes sense;

To dream;

To hope;

So life is less tense.


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