Artist in Motion

Artist in Motion

By David Smith July 6, 2009


As traffic flows up and down Clifton Hill;

An artist with vision and personality to fill.


A restaurant comes alive as paint is sprayed;

Etchings on the wall as his talent is engraved.

It’s cheaper to hire an artist than build the stairs;

Steps and pillar are formed with vision and flair.


Pillar and steps; with his level and such.

On Clifton Hill there is so much.

Air brushing; how raw talent fascinates me;

To attract the tourist,

Behind the scenes we can see.


Like an orchestra conductor as he flicks his wand;

Shadows look real as paint starts to bond.

Eyeballing the shadows of light and dark;

Perspectives to see; the artist’s vision and spark.


As traffic flows on Clifton Hill

An artist in Motion; my greatest thrill.

At eight o’clock on Clifton Hill

By David Smith July 8, 2009


At eight o’clock on Clifton Hill

The perspective artist

The street’s greatest thrill.

On a scaffold etching the block

Shadows and highlights, imagery that talks.

It looks so easy as paint is spread under control.

The bricks jut out; perspective on a roll.

Comments from the tourists as a flat surface comes alive.

Air brush and talent; How an artist can thrive.

O what a perspective

Building the second time round.

Shadows and imagination; an artist is found.


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