People the Value

People the Value

By David Smith July 14, 2009

He had a degree in science and math.

And his pencil was always sharp.

He knew so much about theory and how figures played their part.

Reports flowed smooth on balance sheets.

And figures were able to match.

He had no clue in life for a heart to grasp and catch.

Knew all forms of math

History and science was a breeze.

So very sad and lonely;

Heaviness upon his knees

No skills for ordinary people.

And no common touch.

What he loved the most; he could not grasp and clutch.

Having a degree; unhappy in his skin.

To reach out to others; that’s where joy begins.

It’s more than knowledge; its people that smile.

That is the gold. The study is worthwhile.


One response to “People the Value

  1. Marta Branco-Hatfield

    another good one, David

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