Immigrants the Proud Canadians

Immigrants the Proud Canadians

By David Smith July 23, 2009


Where people come from; a history of hope;

Family ties a joy; where tenacity can cope.

Italian immigrants in Nineteen fifty four

Arrive in Halifax on Canada’s friendly shore.


A family of eight as they kiss the soil

New life, new challenges, new ways to toil

Through emotion and hardship at the end of a war

Then to Canada where potential can soar.


We all have it. Our own ancestral line

Back through every generation, struggles we find.

Now we are here and decisions we make.

Influence our offspring on what direction they take.


Learn from the past,

Study frozen moments in time.

That is important to excel as we climb.

Hearing the stories, their arrival to this land;

Now we are here as proud Canadians we stand.


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