Rose City Toastmasters Thursday Night

Rose City Toastmasters Thursday Night

By David Smith July 23, 2009


An air freshener instead of a gavel to start the meeting fresh.

People in attendance come together and mesh.

The bringing about ideas; as Toastmasters becomes the hub;

To meet together in Welland; for elbows to more than rub.

The sharing of ideas; the growth as all take part.

Now we come together for the dynamic start.


To smooth those blues away; Lyn Jutras was the spark

Being an active toastmaster she did her personal part.

Overflowing with emotion the table topics word.

“Exuberant” and the spelling turned out so absurd.

Table Topics, the think tank; full of emotion and flair

Speakers were knowledgeable; well rehearsed could compare.


All from impromptu, yet knowledge was intact.

History was prominent and events were so exact.

The Quiz master and reminiscing as the meeting hit its mark

And the General Evaluator, touched on the excitement and the spark.

It was a summer meeting where Clubs got together.

The challenge from within; to speak in all types of weather.


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