Character of Basell’s Restaurant

Character of Basell’s Restaurant

By David Smith August 13, 2009

Basell’s, the restaurant; old fashioned, comes alive.

A time I was young and my ancestors could thrive.

Sailboat on the wall; like the picture on the dime;

The architecture, the environment, frozen in time;

Food on display; as my grandmother would prepare;

The restaurant to reminisce;

No other place can compare.

The booths, the tables, food fills the plate.

Memories of Childhood;

Love felt so great.

Basell’s the restaurant; old fashioned comes alive.

To activate the mind; how the patron can thrive.


One response to “Character of Basell’s Restaurant

  1. theparkingpoet

    Basell’s is on Victoria Ave in Niagara Falls.

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