Inspired by Niagara Falls Farmer’s Market

Inspired by Niagara Falls Farmer’s Market

By David Smith September 5, 2009

The Market has a flavour;

As isles are being scanned.

The aroma from the fruit,

Brings bees because they can.

The baker and his buns;

And Danishes so good.

The butcher chopping steaks;

Like a hammer banging wood.

People make the market,

As they speak of this and that

It is a social gathering

In the Falls is where it’s at.

Take the time to grow

A community processes fruit.

At the City Market,

Invest your bag of loot.

The Farmers’ Market

By David Smith August 29, 2009

The market’s getting crafty;

It has its gems of life.

Some look like little chick lets;

Well polished and so bright.

Woven together, some with wire or thread

The artists are finely schooled;

The knowledge they are fed.

At night they make their wares;

And bring it in for sale.

The Farmers’ Market of colour;

With others we compare.

So we see the peaches,

The plumbs and tomatoes too

Now little gems of value.

Always something new.


One response to “Inspired by Niagara Falls Farmer’s Market

  1. theparkingpoet

    Every Saturday morning at Sylvia Place near Main St and Ferry St in Niagara Falls.
    Be part of the excitement.

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