The Butcher – The Baker – The Farmers Market Flavour

The Butcher – The Baker

The Farmer’s Market Flavour

By David Smith September 12, 2009

The butcher at the market fascinates me

To draw a crowd so consistently;

Assortment of pork and beef galore;

And after a few hours there is no more;

Wait in line by numbers; the customers tick by;

Choice cuts of meat; well in supply;

If you miss it in the Falls;

To Welland go; 40 Ridge Rd an address to know.

Sylvia Bakery from Burlington;

At the Market, we are the reason.

He sells his Danishes and his strudels and breads

Being under cover; a fantastic spread;

Think of the flavour as appetites get moist

Gives people a lift, and friendships, we hoist.

The Candlestick Maker is a trade of the past;

Tupperware at the market helps the fresh food last.

The new gadgets for the kitchen, and microwave cooking;

Come to the market where fresh vegetables are looking.

It all looks delicious; the aroma fills the air;

At Sylvia Place,

Because we really care


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