The Waterways are Our Ways

The Waterways are Our ways

By David Smith September 16, 2009


Niagara Falls so deep and wide;

From the Great Lakes to the ocean tide;

The waterways, a picture of hope.

To ride a canoe and eventually a boat.


Now Great Lakers take their course;

With iron ore and human resource;

The waterways, man took a stand.

Cultivated and raped this virgin land.


Yielding thistles instead of fruit;

Polluted streams and air to boot.

We took the priceless natural ground;

Killed the environment with crashing sound;


Aboriginals to reservations go

Eliminated Buffalo, the food source, we know.

It all boils down to selfishness and greed.

We blame foreign countries for their inhumane deed;


All are human, let’s look within,

To change my life, where to begin?

The waterways a picture of hope;

Back to basics so we can cope.


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