Passion for Toastmasters

Passion for Toastmasters

By David Smith September 27, 2009

From the Welland Tribune

Not an over achiever but Toastmasters got off the ground.

Not an over achiever but a self-help group I have found.

To control the nervous energy; what a challenge from within;

Butterflies in formation

Toastmasters;  where to begin.

Take the little steps;

Table Topics to take part.

Get over the initial fear;

That’s the place to start.

Don’t let others down

A commitment from week to week.

Then we stretch and grow;

New challenges we can seek.

Not an over achiever; love the adrenaline rush.

To express an opinion; and listen for the hush.

Not an over achiever; listening to others speak.

How they grow and develop

Confidence to compete.

So I see success as every Toastmaster stands;

And of  Dr. Smedley the founder throughout the lands.


One response to “Passion for Toastmasters

  1. theparkingpoet

    The author is a Founding Member of Rose City Toastmasters in Welland. And he thanks all the over achievers and members who helped Rose City receive its Charter. Be part of a dynamic Club.

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