A Tribute to “Tuffy” Cameron Loken

A Tribute to “Tuffy” Cameron Loken

Campbell’s Bay Quebec

By David Smith September 28, 2009

“Tuffy”: they called him;

From the Campbell’s Bay that I know;

He passed away a few days ago.

When I was a boy, dealt with him each year.

Worked at Arbic’s with Romeo so dear.

He laughed at the Stooges and Dean Martin in movies

Made fun of my body so skinny and groovy.

Honest and dependable; dedicated to the town;

A volunteer fire fighter in Campbell’s Bay and around.

Remember him as “Tuffy”; now of the past

Only a memory of my childhood to last.

Thinking of  “Tuffy”:

My grandmother called him by name.

She really disliked any nickname.

As he’s laid to rest.

The influence he had;

A pleasant man that made me glad.

Time marches on and stops for no one in sight.

Eternity on earth is temporary, all right.


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