Nostalgia at Basell’s

Nostalgia at Basell’s

By David Smith September 29, 2009

Basell’s takes me back;

Childhood memories are right on track.

A little nostalgia goes a long way;

To trigger memory; the past is at play.

Observing the counter;

The stools;

How freezers open at the top

My grandmother’s store; there is flashbacks a lot.

The desk with handles, like half moons of steel.

Come up from underneath for fingertips to feel.

Memories are alive; loved ones now laid to rest.

Their joy and encouragement gave me happiness.

Seeing the history of an old fashioned place;

Love for my elders; security to face.

A break at Basell’s; a sanctuary to find.

Childhood comes alive; a secure peace of mind.

Basell’s takes me back; my journey from within.

How parents and grandparents helped me begin.


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