Brighton’s Cafe like Poetry in Motion

Brighton’s Cafe like Poetry in Motion

By David Smith October 1, 2009

Brighton Cafe gaining popularity and strength;

Like poetry in motion; ideas at length.

Fresh fruits and veggies; homemade soups to stir;

Just like poetry; to reminisce how we were.

The audience increased; Brighton’s Cafe on everyone’s tongue.

To change a lifestyle; easier when we were young.

New hopes, new ideas, new faces come alive.

Just like poetry; the beat starts to thrive.

Let’s change our diet; the food for thought

At Brighton’s Cafe we are nourished a lot.

It’s all relevant with coffee or tea;

To digest life; increased vision we can see.

3 responses to “Brighton’s Cafe like Poetry in Motion

  1. I’m in the UK Brighton so I came across this poem – so full of happiness which must mean it is a fine café.

  2. theparkingpoet

    Narine: Thank you for taking an interest in my poem. I now have a few pictures of Brighton Cafe. It took a while to respond because I want to give your reply justice. I got permission from the owner (of Brighton Cafe)and I’m learning to download pictures to the site.

    David the parking poet

  3. @Narnie,
    Thanks for your kind comment. My wife and I run the cafe. We havn’t been in Brighton but we heard nice stories about there quite often from our customers who livied or visited there. We hope to visit someday the nice town.

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