The Farmers Market @ Sylvia Place

The Farmers Market @ Sylvia Place

Niagara Falls Canada

By David Smith October 10, 2009

Farmers Market 092

Nine vendors at the Market in town;

The butcher, his roasts, some rump and round;

The loyal patrons were out in groves.

Buying eggs;, and a baker selling loaves.

Apple cider on tap from Fenwick he came;

All types of apples; he called them by name.

The personal touch at the market this day

Even the Tupperware was well on display.

Some stalls are empty; and the audience is down.

To serve the community; we can be the talk of the town.

A relationship with a farmer; and food for thought

How it gets to your plate means a lot.

Nine vendors at the Market this Thanksgiving Day.

Being part of the community is something to say.

The Farmers Market; bring back the past.

Memories of freshness; a joy that can last.


One response to “The Farmers Market @ Sylvia Place

  1. What will the market be without you, David?

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