Farmers Market on a Cooler Saturday

Farmers Market on a Cooler Saturday

By David Smith October 17, 2009

The market under cool cloudy skies;

The sun shining down before our very eyes;

An outside market; the butcher took a break.

Advertised for a month, this Saturday he would take.

The apples and peaches were selling so good

And even Tupperware was well understood.

The market was grand. On this Saturday we could tell.

People buying eggs; and the baker looking well.

The fragrance in the air and bees bedding down

It was a little cool for them to buzz around.

So we had the market;

Did it include you?

Be part of the community; a visit we can do.



One response to “Farmers Market on a Cooler Saturday

  1. Laurie Bitner

    David, what a wonderful idea…to write about the things you see as you pass by…you would make an excellent poet for Niagara Falls, for the Syliva Place Market, and all our business community.

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