Discover Toastmasters

Discover Toastmasters

By David Smith October 15, 2009

The evaluations were hit right on the head;

The engagement with the audience kept us attentively fed;

Vivid images came out so well.

In Japan imagination, the stories do tell

Great mind pictures; and improvements were tough;

Because the audience was a little ruff.

Toastmasters now celebrating 85 years;

Still we’re growing to overcome fears.

Took fourteen years for the first contest competition;

Because the shyness and the polish was miss’en

Even the joke with no ears we hear

Contact lenses gave us something to cheer.

The recap of the meeting, the mirror image we reflect.

That’s the part for an accurate check.

And everything fits from beginning to end

The meeting, the message, the value we send.

The Area Governor highlighted the night

A new member inducted turned out bright.

The leadership topic was right on cue

That’s because we all do

An increase in members to be part of the show;

The fertilizer is there so we can grow.


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