A Dental Experience

Dental Work

A Dental Experience

By David Smith October 26, 2009

Trip to the dentist was highly amusing

With all the instruments and a drill he was choosing.

Opened up wide but not wide enough.

As he pried on my jaw with all his hard stuff.

Conversed with the assistant like I was never in the room;

As he vacuumed and swept and kept my mouth in tune.

He chiseled away and scraped and tore;

Opening wide was my greatest chore.

Everything routine as he chatted about

With the dental assistant ; since I was left out;

O what a Joy; no panic around

Conversation was smooth and the work was sound

I thank the dentist as he pried and he scraped

A good healthy mouth is very high rate.

One response to “A Dental Experience

  1. Hi Dave:
    A great poem doesn’t have to have a rhyming metre. Look at Robert Frost’s work. It’s the imagary that makes his poems great. Going to the dentist is probably something that stands out in everyones experience with strong images – cetainly not an amusing event unless he or she is a sucker for punishment. But there are great images to develop with this topic ; especially the weapons (tools). For the poem idea I might think of the plight of the dentist in a losing game in asociety of unhealthy eaters. I don’t know if you saw the episode of Mr Bean at the dentist. It’s hilarious!

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