Jordan Shoots Cat

Jordan Shoots Cat

By David Smith November 2, 2005


He shot the cat.

His toy gun taken away;

Tears run down his cheeks that day.

His gun out of reach;

For two weeks or more.

The pain unbearable

What was it for?


He shot the cat.

There was no scream or whine;

That big house cat moved just fine.

And an eight year old boy suffered.

For not following the rule;

The cat in no pain.

The incident not cruel.

That could spark a violent behavior;

A little boy crying;

What was the wager?


He shot the cat.

The dart gun was lame.

The principle of obedience;

Child behavior we blame.


One response to “Jordan Shoots Cat

  1. Dear Grandpa,
    It’s Mikayla and I’d just been itching to read that poem. From reading it, it made me wish that i had remember my brother shooting the cat, it sound terribly funny. By the way i love the website and I promise to look at it more often for updates.
    Lots of love,

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