Kids to Work Day

Kids to Work Day

By David Smith November 6, 2009


November Fourth, a productive day it t’was

The School Car created quite a buzz

Mikyala and Grand-pa to the city explore;

Parking infractions, and school busses galore;

O what a day, around town we went.

And in an instant is was quickly spent;

Tickets on cars and photo presentation

Victoria and Queen Street with anticipation;

We’ve seen it all in an eight our day;

Covered ground, and kept traffic flowing, by the way.

What a venue for a grandfather to bond;

With a granddaughter he is so fond.

Introducing Mikayla to people on his beat;

Family relationships, new horizons, we seek.


One response to “Kids to Work Day

  1. Dear Grandpa,
    I liked this poem very,very much. Thanks a lot for writing it and I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it in my slide show presentation tomorrow about last Wednesday.

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