A Spike Remains

A Spike Remains

By David Smith Wednesday May 1, 2002


A railroad spike

In the ditch off Queen

The dismantling of the tracks

Now a has been

The history of the railway

An icon to last

The spike that remains

Ties the present to the past

The lonely whistle blows

That shrieked down Clifton Hill

Was of powerful meaning

Where elderly had their thrill

The rails have tried our country

From the ocean to the sea

The mighty railroad system

Was an influence on you and me

That little tiny spike

A heritage that tied

Not only east to west

But families far and wide

The romance of the train

And soldiers off to war

That little railroad spike

History to the core


One response to “A Spike Remains

  1. theparkingpoet

    This poem was read at Balzac’s Cafe on November 12, 2009.

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