Tear Drops Fall

Tear Drops Fall

By David Smith November 19, 2009

"D Sharon Pruitt" origional ower of the Phot. Downloaded from flickr


A drip from my hat as it drops to the floor;

Fascinating to watch the buildup once more.

Like a skin stretches, and fills each drop;

Then to the floor with splatter and plop;

The simplicity of a drop, like a sack of water;

Captures my attention; Why should that matter?

Tear drops that fall, like drops from my hat;

Windows of the soul, where importance is at

The water’s not external, but internal as we cry;

Getting upset, we question the “Why?”

There is the answer from a hat that drips.

Emotions take hold as a tear drop slips.

My hat full of water from a rain filled day;

Behind, those eyes, will a drop get in the way?


2 responses to “Tear Drops Fall

  1. theparkingpoet

    Photo: Free Happy Rainbow Water droplet from Pink Sherbet Photography Downloaded from flickr.
    “D Sharon Pruitt” origional owner of the photo.

  2. That is wat amazes me the most on you, David. You can write about emotion just using something so simple and conrete. Thank you.

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