The Hidden Hurt

The Hidden Hurt

By David Smith June 16, 2006


The hidden hurt, a tear says it all.

Elderly in pain, through emotions that crawl.

Possible loss of a spouse and children out of reach.

Sibling rivalry to add fuel to the heat.

Elderly in pain and the youth off the handle;

Something is a miss as life is a gamble.

Old age has an effect on everyone through time.

Every generation, the pecking order to climb.

The hidden hurt, elderly pushed aside.

Think of their influence, the memory they hide.

Think of their experiences as books that are closed.

Encouraging words, the passion, new joy that glows.

The hidden hurt can be an asset in disguise.

Share their love and value

Discover hope in their eyes.


One response to “The Hidden Hurt

  1. “The Hidden Hurt” encouraged me. After a visit to Woodlands, seeing my brother-in-law drooling in his chair and the others staring into space or talking aimlessly always leaves me in a two day depression…..”the closed book of their lives” really gives them the respect and dignity the deserve….thanks, Neil Paul

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