TayKimTan’s Fun Town

TayKim Tan’s Fun Town

By David Smith December 4, 2009

Inspired by http://www.taykimtan.com/site/home

An ocean playground down by the sea;

A tranquil spot in story land; how imagination’s intended to be.

An indoor playground; a paradise for a child;

Just like the fall’s; kids drive us wild.

Give them the room; to drift and to play;

The indoor playground;

Allows them the right-of-way;

A free fall over the falls;

So is imagination; a great potential calls;

All for the child; an opportunity to see;

Bathe in imagination; how a playground’s intended to be

All indoors and climate controlled;

Protection for the child, a safety net unfolds.

Let children unwind, give them the space

O what a dream, adults can face;

On Thorold Stone Road in Niagara, It’s here

Embrace the children; our future so dear.


One response to “TayKimTan’s Fun Town

  1. Hi there David…. this is the one you read to me at Basell’s on Friday morning! Great job.

    thank you for making my breakfast at one of my family’s favorite places so much more interesting than I would have imagined.

    Best of luck with all you do….

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