Embrace our Differences

Embrace our Differences

By David Smith December 7, 2009

He’s a little off, as some may say;

And a lot on, as talent is at play.

A little off, to be unique;

And a lot on, the flavor so sweet.

To be part of the mix, in society to fit;

Being odd develops grit.

Being part of the mix; a uniqueness we share.

Develop the oddity for a personal flare;

That’s what’s important; to contribute a slice.

Of what is unique, that flavor of spice.

Don’t be ashamed of being a different cut.

Of our differences, we can get in a rut.

Use the oddity; the potential for success.

Develop individuality, as we do our best.


One response to “Embrace our Differences

  1. theparkingpoet

    I always thought I was a bit different. I made it in the Military, but, me being a bit off shone through. One very special person told me I was not odd but unique. That was the word I needed to hear to come closer to my potential.
    None of us are odd. we are all unique and we can make a difference.
    That is the point,”To Embrace the Differences.”

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