The Farmers Market; Thank a Farmer

The Farmers Market; Thank a Farmer

By David Smith December 12, 2009

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker;

The Farmer’s Market has all three

The remnant, the quality, is satisfying to see.

Study the market in Niagara, the Falls;

Behind Main Street, fresh food calls.

The candlestick maker, from bee’s wax, it’s made.

From Harvey’s Honey in the Peninsula, we trade.

The history of the area, the culture of bees;

The farmers at the market; a quality to please;

Gearing down for the winter; the butcher with his cuts.

On a Saturday morning get out of the rut.

Sylvia Place is a big area to fill.

More vendors and patron add to the thrill.

What a dream, to grow and expand.


The grass roots, How they cultivated this land.

Look forward to Spring, as first crops are in stock;

Come out and appreciate the farmers a lot.


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