Olympic Torch visits Basell’s Restaurant Niagara Falls

Olympic Torch visits Basell’s Restaurant Niagara Falls

By David Smith December 21, 2009

Basell’s created quite a stir;

Not only the soup to make a heart purr;

The Olympic flame is passing by;

On Monday it ‘twas the torch came in

Cameras and excitement; enthusiasm to begin;

Pictures were taken; the torch passed about.

To be part of Canada was something to shout.

From across this land; the symbol we felt.

The Olympic flame; how emotions did melt.

To touch, the torch, like a burnt out wick.

The emotion of unity came rather quick.

It just took a second to fill with pride.

Some shed a tear, they tried to hide.

Basell’s a warm feeling, after a meal.

After the torch-relay; what residence feel.

It all ties together

How a torch can spark emotion.

The flame passed on; unity, from ocean to ocean.

That’s the excitement

In at Basell’s for a break

It’s love from others; it’s the giving and take.



4 responses to “Olympic Torch visits Basell’s Restaurant Niagara Falls

  1. theparkingpoet


    MARIA // December 23, 2009 at 1:55 pm (edit)

    Well well well, how exciting is this!!!. Imagine my surprise and excitement and appreciation when I saw this poem. It was my ultimate pleasure to come to Basell’s with the Olympic torch and share it with everyone there. Carrying the the flame in the torch relay and sharing it with all of you was amazing. This flame represents more than the spirit of our wonderful country Canada and its amazing athletes. It is a symbol of unity, peace and friendship and a reminder that there is a flame in our hearts that unites us all. It encourages us as friends, family , communities , countries to live as one and to pass the flame within us to each other every day with each meeting as I did with you. Thank you so very much and I look forward to seeing you again at Basell’s – no parking tickets please !!! Maria McKinnon

  2. theparkingpoet

    Thank you very much Maria McKinnon.
    You captured the pulse of the city.
    Thank you for the photographs. The viewing public is proud of you.

  3. We are so proud of you, Maria! Watching you carry the torch was truly an amazing experience, one my children and I will never forget!

  4. Wow, you looked wonderful out there carrying the torch Maria. We’re all very proud of you over here in the states. We can feel your sense of community and love for everyone. It’s a pleasure being your cousin!

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