Wall Plate at the Regal

Wall Plate at the Regal

By David Smith January 30, 2010

A turquoise blue, a Pontiac, I see

Triggers a childhood memory.

Back in the fifties when grandparents were young

New cars were a dream and new visions begun.

A turquoise blue, a dream from the past

Reflecting back, if that hope could last.

To live life to the fullest

Manufacture it well

A plate on the wall and have a story to tell.

A Blue Pontiac catches my eye;

Got out of the rut, new experiences to try;

In at the Regal;

If we can do it once, we can do it again;

New ideas will flourish, live past the pain.

No time for discouragement;

Press on to the youth;

Dreams and expectations

Put them through the roof.

What good are low hopes, I heard her once say

Make the most of each minute

Get on with each day.

A wall plate at the Regal, memory hits a nerve.

Success on the table; HOPE we can serve.


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