Valentine’s Day Theme Toastmasters Meeting

Valentine’s Day theme Toastmasters Meeting

By David Smith February 11, 2010

Make do with what we had

A dozen of us make us glad

Area Governor encouraged us to work on personal goals

Ignite the fire, start burning the coals

Start with the young, encourage them to speak

An Annual Youth Night for courage to seek.

To improvise with what we got.

That’s to be admired from Toastmasters a lot

To change a venue at the drop of a hat

Pick up the pace, imagine that.

All for this Valentine’s Day theme

Courage to speak; a joy to beam.

Magnificent speakers, so well prepared

An open home, everyone shared.

To only work with what we are given.

That’s the thrill as we continue liv’en


One response to “Valentine’s Day Theme Toastmasters Meeting

  1. theparkingpoet

    Inspired by the Rose City Toastmasters Meeting on Thursday Night; How we can change a venue; Re group and retry and produce a well run meeting.
    I thank all Toastmasters for their dedication and support. With out you there will not be a club.
    We are like teeth. We are supported by one another.
    Thank you for the encouragement to grow.

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