Amplify the Exquisite Beauty of Niagara Falls

Amplify the Exquisite Beauty of Niagara Falls

By David Smith February 13, 2010

We have the falls so spectacular and grand

It’s on the world stage, the beauty of this land

It is our asset; God’s magnificent water display.

Yet we are hurting for tourism, by the way.

It is more than the falls; it’s love in the air

The laughter, the mist, the emotions we share.

We camouflage its beauty, the natural event

Man-made glitter and how our dollar is spent.

We divert our energy and take away from the falls;

God’s natural beauty, the gorge and its walls.

Selfishness of man appears to entre in

To convert a city where moral values are wearing thin.

Get back to basics, the natural waterway

Raising the moral standard, clean living, they say

Cleave to life’s values; get back on track.

Natural beauty of the falls and family values; take us back.

We have an natural gift; let’s utilize it well

That is the buzz word; living hope to dwell

The beauty of the falls; The rainbow , the bridge

United we stand at the brink on the ridge.


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