Support the Farmer

A Nourished Nation to Dwell

By David Smith February 20, 2010

More action at the Regal than the Farmers Market today;

The crisp, cool weather, keeps the spirit at play.

The barber is clippie, the warmth in his shop.

The Main Street atmosphere; people congregate here a lot.

The market is slow, waiting for spring to bloom.

And in the meantime; at the market is room.

Vast empty space, three vendors there be;

The butcher is quiet; trends are changing we see.

Get back to grass roots; the farmer;

The basics, for the food chain;

The food industry, the breadbasket;

For our nourishment and gain;

Support the farmer, the foundation for life.

That helps and control hunger and strife.

Look, after the pennies,

The dollars take care of themselves.

Look after the farmer;

A well fed nation to dwell.


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