Inspired by Daredevil

Inspired by Daredevil

David Smith February 7, 2010

Attempts to conquer Niagara Falls with Jet Ski and parachute

Why couldn’t he lack ambition and not give a hoot.

All have dreams and hopes to fulfill.

Hold on to those thoughts for life’s meaning and thrill.

What a joy to take action toward our dreams.

To weight the risk and live life as it seems.

People have made it against all odds.

Others died of discouragement as hope is robbed.

Taking a headline and making it rhyme.

Keep it personal, a very productive time.

Go after the dreams; take that calculated risk.

Soar with the eagles; finding inspiration is bliss.

The mistakes of others, why ideas have failed;

We grow and develop; as passion has sailed.

The joy, to pick up after a humiliating fall

That is the victory, the answer to life’s call.

He attempts to conquer Niagara Falls;

O the motivation to expand my inner walls.

One response to “Inspired by Daredevil

  1. Good inspirational poem.

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