Concerning Use of Taxis

Concerning Use of Taxis

By David Smith February 21, 2010

Whatever is honourable, whatever is just, dwell on these things.

The legitimate taxi service, the confidence it brings.

They are screened for vehicle safety control;

And extra liability insurance to keep passengers on a roll;

The meter is in sight and in clear view.

You know when you’re in a legal cab. It is documented there for you.

It’s factored in, the cost; and a secure ride that pays;

And the illegitimate cabs undermine in many ways.

They don’t have the overhead and licensing to boot.

Criminal checks and records; they avoid that screening suit.

You don’t know what you are in for; Is a cheaper ride secure?

When we weigh the cost;  How much anxiety can we endure?

If everyone paid insurance; And all shared the cost.

All the rates would drop; And criminal activity will take a loss.

That is my concern as cabbies pull their hair;

And within the Legal System justice is not there.

Whatever is honourable, just and right;

Dwell on your conscience for a secure ride tonight.


One response to “Concerning Use of Taxis

  1. theparkingpoet

    This poem was inspired by a cab driver. My technical data came from THE REVIEW dated Saturday October 24, 2009. I read the article. Used my own thoughts and put it in rhyme.
    For your reading pleasure!

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