Downtown Goes Uptown

Downtown Goes Uptown

By David Smith February 26, 2010

“Neither the chill of recession, “nor the sidewalks with the snow;

Downtown the falls, has a wonderful healthy glow.

Mordechai  dressed in formal attire with a fantastic smile

Can keep the hope fires burning;

He’s been around a while.

The perception of this downtown core;

The arts have made it real;

People make the difference, with imagination and appeal.

Everything fits together; cosmetic surgery on its way;

Infrastructure improvements; a re-engineering eastern gateway;

It’s the change in attitude

Where hopes and dreams are fulfilled.

Artists become impressive

In the falls, the atmosphere is filled.

We are much more, than the falls, with its thunderous roar;

People, with hopes and dreams

And love they want to pour.

And the Legend of Queen Street;

His picture looks so grand.

The falls, the fountain of youth;

Perception where we stand.


2 responses to “Downtown Goes Uptown

  1. theparkingpoet

    Inspired by article in the Niagara Falls Review. Thursday, February 25, 2010. I have referred to Mordechai Grun as the Legend of Queen Street in a previous poem.
    I congratulate everyone in making the downtown a success.

  2. This I think is one of your best poems abot the Niagara Falls area …I liked the line about “cosmetic surgery on its way”…very nice.

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