High School Theatre Competition

High School Threatre  Competition

Special thanks to my grand-daughter who made this opportunity possible

By David Smith March 3, 2010

A high school competition; the acting was grand.

Three area schools in the auditorium to stand.

Some nine schools came out to compete

Three schools a night, the entertainment so sweet.

After three plays the evening came to an end.

A general evaluator his message to send.

He spoke of the lighting;

The stage hands got praise.

He talked of the acting;

How props flowed through the maze.

He gave meaning to each individual scene;

What actions represented,

And what the overall picture would mean.

Seeing my grand-daughter take the leading role;

To think of the dedication, how it pays a toll.

Weighing the cost; the distance everyone comes;

Put into life; a joy that hums.

A high school competition, the thrill to take part;

Parents were proud, felt from the heart.

2 responses to “High School Theatre Competition

  1. Hey Grandpa,
    I love the poem. And I have printed off a copy to bring to my drama group.
    Thanks much,
    – Mikayla

  2. I found the review about the play. The play seems to be unique and interesting. As a lead role, it is successful to keep the tension going, isn’t it?

    Congratulations, Mikayla

    Eastdale Secondary School Side Effects May Include

    By Yoel Abraham, Alex Houle, Corey MacDonald, Vicky Nettle, Cody Paquin, Mikayla Rusk and Somer Slobodian

    Eastdale featured a “world premiere” of its original piece written in class –Side Effects May Include.A remarkably funny and entertaining piece, it opened with four high school students discussing the pros and cons of getting the flu shot.

    Dodge drew attention to the excellent stage management by Tamara Stewart as she juggled acting, sound, light and video cues.

    Mikayla Rusk, Frederick Potter, Jalyn Potter and Brandon Harris have excellent chemistry as the four students who gradually realize that H1N1 (referred to as the HeiNie shot) has some disturbing side effects.

    Rusk and Potter, playing brother and sister, “keep the tension going,” Dodge commented, with comedic shots and sibling banter. Harris, especially, created a strong character as he feels the effects of the shot and becomes the zombie he fears.

    Wonderful sound and video complemented the onstage acting.

    The ending featured superb props and makeup created by Jamie Fraser as the gang of zombies overwhelms the only ones who did not get the shot.


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