What Artists Accomplish

What Artists Accomplish

By David Smith March 4, 2010

From failure to success the determination to succeed

Through struggles in life is our greatest need.

The art gallery, the last to close

We jump started, and worked, the dedication we chose;

Queen Street has a face lift; attitudes change

We took the pattern of success for the downtown to gain.

“It’s better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.”

Through hard work and dedication we can walk so tall.

In depressing times we put on a courageous smile.

We dug in on Queen Street. We sketched that extra mile.

Nothing short of what we’ve done.

The economy did not grow.

To improve an attitude; we want the world to know.

Success is all invisible. It is internal bliss.

Learning through its challenges; a series of hit and miss.

So we can take the high road; what artists and visionaries see;

Search for that one ingredient; to bring it home to me.

No “What ifs?” about it; through the sweat and tears;

We have grown through it; life’s struggles and its fears.


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