A Memorial Service

A Memorial Service

By David Smith March 10, 2010

A Memorial Service, grief fills the place;

Emotional strain in voice and in face;

Loss of loved ones;

The vacuum is fresh.

Words of comfort; and grief would mesh.

The candles were lit; the memories flashed;

Words were spoken and tears were splashed.

Words of little comfort; to only believe;

The Words of the LORD; a relationship to conceive;

To be born again; to have Christ in the heart;

The author and finisher as we do our part.

Only believe, the works will follow;

To grow in faith is more than being hollow.

Salvation by faith; to be accepted as his own;

Then its obedience, His seed is sown.

You can’t work your way to the Kingdom of God

It is a free gift; on His word we applaud.

Words are of little comfort to an unbeliever’s ear

Christ is the way; eternal life without fear.


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