What Jobs?

What Jobs?

By David Smith March 15, 2010

Inspired by headline in local newspaper

“What Jobs?” The question was clear;

So much unemployment in this land, we hear.

It is a chore to sit and wait

For industry, to come and improve our fait.

It is a chore to sit back and think;

Unearned income, for my existence; that is a stink;

A job, to be quiet, to let laziness roam;

Very discouraging to be rejected; by closed doors and by phone.

Take that anxiety and let it boil.

Like the steam engine; don’t let the power spoil.

Channel it wisely like the eagle to soar.

To change the status quo;

Is what society is looking for;

The resource between our ears;

The thrill of accomplishment and overcoming fears.

See the joy in a negative situation;

Pain to pleasure will overcome devastation;

Take a life and live in hope;

Nurture feelings so effectiveness can cope.

Take the joy of family and friends

Nurture with thoughts for a prosperous end.

What jobs? The question is clear.

To cultivate a personality, for expression to appear.


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