Youth Night Rose City Toastmasters

Youth Night Rose City Toastmasters

By David Smith March 18, 2010

Youth night at Toastmasters, a refreshing sight;

On March break, kids performed so right.

Three well rehearsed speeches, no notes that were used.

They gave their all; the audience was amused.

My granddaughter was there.

Her light did shine.

The Spark Plug award; for her creative time;

Joy filled the room as youth took centre stage.

And very sad overtones as a life turned its last page.

The loss of a wife; and a development of skill;

Like sweet and sour; the mix was the thrill.

Dwelling on hope;

And accepting a loss,

Rollercoaster of life really comes across.

Thanks be through Toastmasters to channel emotion.

On Thursday nights, the planning, the devotion.

Rose City, the club, with its highs and lows;

Thanks to its members as we develop and grow.


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